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I have a table of People, and a table of Service Tickets. Service Tickets refer to 1+ People, and over time People are likely to be associated with multiple Tickets. What is the best way to represent this relationship in a SQL database?

It seems like my two options are to create 'enough' columns to contain all the person id's i should need, or a single huge string column that is processed CSV style after being fetched from the database. Both of these options have a maximum capacity, which seems like a bad design, and the second design means we can't join using the person id's.

A little background - I'm implementing a fairly small database as part of the backend for a class project. I've never really worked with SQL and what I know is self taught.

I feel like this is has to be a duplicate question, but I'm unable to find anything similar.

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No, if this si a MANY to MANY relation ship, creat the table accordingly.

Create a table, something like

PRIMARY KEY (PersonID, ServieTicketID)

Have a read hear at Understanding SQL: Many to Many Relationships

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+1 for explicitly identifying the compound PK, this helped me understand why this third table would be useful where the other answers did not. – Greg Howell Feb 18 '11 at 6:35

For many-to-many relationship generally create three tables: Tickets(id, ...), People(id,...) and join table like TicketsPeopleJoin(ticketId, peopleId)

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Create a separate tickets_people table which has person_id & ticket_id columns.

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