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What's the difference between Invoke() and BeginInvoke()

First of all, I would like to apologize for my bad grammar since English is not my native tongue.

This is my understanding:

Control.Invoke(delegated_method)  // Executes on the thread wich the control was created on
witch holds its handle ,typically  this would be the main thread of a winform application .

Control.BeginInvoke(delegated_method // Executes asynchronously on a threadPool Thread .

According to MSDN, it says

Executes a delegate asynchronously on the thread that the control's underlying handle was created on.


Am I to understand that beginInvoke treats the main thread in this matter as it would the thread pool, and execute the delegated method on the main thread when it "gets a chance" ?

Another question which is raised, is it possible to create a control not on the main thread ? if so could someone give me an example?

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Yes, it will be executed on the dispatcher of the UI thread that created it.

As for creating a control on a background thread, I wouldn't advise it. Furthermore, you haven't mentioned what technology you are working with.

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