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The file looks like

[N the computer end] [M whatever] [N you look] [N why not]

I only need the words in the bracket that start with [N so here I want to get the computer end you look why not they may or may not in the same line

I tried something like this:

if($line =~/\[N(.+?)\]/)

but it only match the first one of each line.

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Use the g modifier on the regular expression to look for "g"lobal matches. Either like this:

while ($line =~ /\[N(.+?)\]/g) {
    # $1 contains the text between "[N" and "]"

Or like this:

my @matches = $line =~ /\[N(.+?)\]/g;
# @matches contains all of the matching items of text
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You'll need to change it to a while loop to iterate over each group match. The Perl documentation illustrates this.

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