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I am trying to compile a vc++ code in static mode(using /MT) in visual studio-2008. But I am getting the following error.

error Please use the /MD switch for _AFXDLL builds

I almost tried every options. The errors are due to the macro "_ASSERTE". But, I can't remove those macros as said by my super ordinate. Any help will be awarded with lots of thanks

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There error is telling you something real is wrong with your program. While _ASSERTE may be the proximate cause, there is a deeper underlying issue here that you need to address.

Your build scripts or source code are #define-ing _AFXDLL, which is telling MFC that you plan to use the DLL version of MFC. Which requires you to use the DLL version of the CRT as well. But the /MT switch is bringing in the static version of the CRT.

My strongly recommended solution would be to use /MD switch to use the CRT DLL as well as the MFC DLL. You don't explain why you are trying to use /MT, but doing so is very rarely the right choice.

Alternatively, if you are committed to the /MT route, you should not define _AFXDLL.

Finally, there is a small chance you were not intending to use MFC at all. In that case, stop including the MFC headers (afx*.h) and the error will go away.


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You will have to create your own version of _ASSERTE which doesn't call _CrtDbgReportW, but rather calls your own reporting function. The issue is the use of _CrtDbgReportW within the macro and nothing else.

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Hi, I can't get you. As for as I am concerning any lib can be added either in static way,or in dynamic way. Even, if it calls _CrtDbgReportW, then it should be possible to add that library in static manner. The things I said above are my assumptions and I am new to vc++. Can you explain me how to create my own "_ASSERTE" with the capability of showing some message and terminating the program. –  prabhakaran Feb 18 '11 at 8:37
If you can find the definition of _ASSERTE then simply copy it but call a different function (provided by you) with the same prototype. –  trojanfoe Feb 18 '11 at 9:12
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