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I create CHM help file. For decorate it I use css and option 'background'. All my images saved in img. My css setting for header like this:

    background:#fff url(/img/bg_fill.png) repeat-x;

HTML code:

<div class="data">Hello world</div>

In HTML everything is OK, but when I make CHM file background does not have background. Why? Maybe path is wrong? Somebody have simular problem?

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That's problem with the img path. I suspect img folder is in the same directory where your css and html files are located. If so, try to remove first slash in image url: url(img/...

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Well, I resolve my problem in my self. During in experement I saw next sequence, when I add image in tag img and ny header is show. I think whem CHM maked program does't add image into CHM file and all path is wrong. When I add images in div which hide - all resources is add and show my header.

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Just simple solution is we just need to provide full path like where the image is located like C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Images...

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