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I am new to assembly programming.I have written an assembly program to read characters from input file to buffer and convert it into upper-case letter and generate an output file.I have used int80h service to read character from the input file.I want to add a functionality to check error values returned by sys_read call incase it fails to read a character from input file.How to do that?what register will contain the error values and what values will show error?

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My recollection (it's been awhile since I did system-call-level programming) is that sys_read returns either the number of characters read, 0 if at end of file, or an error code less than zero in case of error, and that that return value is passed via the usual %eax register (%rax on x86-64, I think).

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Thanks for your quick reply.I will do some research on what you have suggested. – bornfree Feb 18 '11 at 10:01

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