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from teamBudget in TeamBudgets
where teamBudget.TeamID==71002
join teamBroker in TeamBrokers on 71002 equals teamBroker.TeamID
join goal in Goals on teamBroker.GlobalBrokerID equals goal.GlobalBrokerID
group goal by goal.GlobalBrokerID into g

select new 
// TeamID=teamBroker.TeamID,
// MTDGoal=teamBudget.Sum(t=>t.Budget),

Commented part is a problem. How to access any data that is not contained in grouped element?


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you need to Group multiple fields then only you can access that data.


var result = from i in
                     (from uh in db.UserHistories
                      where uh.User.UserID == UserID && uh.CRMEntityID == (int)entity
                      select new { uh.ActionID, uh.ActionType, uh.ObjectID })
                 group i by new { i.ActionID, i.ActionType, i.ObjectID } into g
                 select new { g.ActionID, g.ActionType, g.ObjectID };

Hope this will help

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