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I would like convert struct ether_addr (ether_addr_octet) to integer host byte order representation. Any ideas?


not working, because ether_addr_octet is a char array.


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I'm not sure what the semantics of this are going to be. The ether is 48bit, and the largest ntoh* is for 32bit values. I suppose you can create a 64bit value parsing the char array, and calling ntohl() twice...

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You can convert it to char and then you can do something else you want...

char *ether_ntoa_my(const struct ether_addr *addr){
    static char buf[18];
    sprintf(buf, "%02x%02x:%02x%02x:%02x%02x",
            addr->ether_addr_octet[0], addr->ether_addr_octet[1],
            addr->ether_addr_octet[2], addr->ether_addr_octet[3],
            addr->ether_addr_octet[4], addr->ether_addr_octet[5]);
    return buf;

I hope it helps

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