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I'm doing a RSS spider. How do you do for controlling the last crawl date?

Right now what was I thinking is this:

  • Put in a control file the last pub_date that I have crawled.
  • Then when the crawl starts, it checks the last pub_date against the new pub_dates. If there are new items, then start crawling, if not, do nothing.

How does everyone else resolve this?

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I store all data in the database (including last crawl date and post dates) and take all dates I need from database.

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I store all data in database as well, and calculate a hash value out of the data. That way you can look up the hash very quickly, and carry out de-dup operation on the fly.

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Could you elaborate on how you do this? –  Andy Hayden Sep 29 '12 at 0:08

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