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Reviewing WinError.h I noticed there're two HRESULT values:


both are claimed to resolve to "buffer too small" text and they both have the same "facility" part and only differ in the "code" part.

What's the difference between these two values?

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DISP_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL is intended for general use in IDispatch interfaces.

I believe that TYPE_E_* errors are intended for type conversion error. TYPE_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL appears to be for problems with converting VARIANTs or PROPVARIANTs. I looked around and found it used in the context of "property bags" (which is a serializable collection); for example, see this.

In the context of your other question, DISP_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL is a better fit.

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TYPE_E_* are ITypeLib errors. – Hans Passant Feb 19 '11 at 4:57

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