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I have two Devexpress gridview in a page.

I tried binding data to devexpress gridview2 from devexpress gridview1's custom callback method..

well no result is populated on devepress gridview 2.. it's bank...

The Code is as shown

ASPxGridView1_CustomCallback(object sender, ASPxGridViewCustomCallbackEventArgs e)
 DataTable dt_getdata = CommonBL.GetUserDefinedresult("select * from Accounts where ID='tr=009'");
ASPxGridView2.DataSource = dt_getdata;

No errors where found while debugging...why is this So?? Please Suggest a solution!

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The problem appears because a callback response contains the information about a control which initiated this callback. I.e. if the ASPxGridView2 is not a part of the ASPxGridView1, this code will not have any effect since the information about ASPxGridView is not passed to the client. A possible solution is to send a callback to ASPxGridView2 and bind this control to data in its CustomCallback event handler. Please also refer to the How to show detail information in a separate ASPxGridView example.

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