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What is the difference between a Graph Database (e.g. Neo4J) and a Network Database (e.g. IDS, CODASYL)? In principle are they the same thing?

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The network databases like CODSASYL are still more or less based on a hierarchical data model, thinking in terms of parent-child (or owner-member in CODASYL terminology) relationships. This also means that in network database you can't relate arbitrary records to each other, which makes it hard to work with graph-oriented datasets. For example, you may use a graph database to analyze what relationships exist between entities.

Also, network databases use fixed records with a predefined set of fields, while graph databases use the more flexible Property Graph Model, allowing for arbitrary key/value pairs on both nodes/vertices and relationships/edges.

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Excellent answer, thanks. This is kind of what I thought too. I'm just not convinced that navigating a network between individual values or records rather than sets of similar records really makes the two fundamentally different. –  sqlvogel Feb 18 '11 at 19:21
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