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I am using DU.exe in Powershell script to capture the size of a remote folder, code as below:

$Duexe ="c:\du\du.exe"

$unc = "\\$server\$Letter$\$Name"

write-host "Processing:  " $unc

$stuff =  du -q "\\$server\$Letter$\$Name" 2>&1 

$formated = $stuff | Format-Table -auto

write-host $stuff

I have to redirect the stderror to stop an error caused by the "-q" switch. However the output contians following error:


In context:

Files:        290215 Directories:  2246 Size:         128,529,542,967 bytes Size on disk: 128,529,542,967 bytes  System.Management.Automation.RemoteException 

Why is this? If I run du outside powershell I get no errors on the same unc paths.

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I have just found out if I trun of the stderror redirect it does nto display the messgae howevere it does display: – Daniel Feb 18 '11 at 12:24
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You didn't so much stop the error as "redirect" the error to the output stream which you captured in the variable $stuff. Try redirecting just the error stream to $null to ignore it:

$stuff =  du -q "\\$server\$Letter$\$Name" 2> $null

$stuff | Format-Table -auto

BTW, you don't need to write-host the "formatted" stuff. Format-Table will output to the host automatically.

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You don't redirect output in Powershell with Batch style >. Just use $stuff = du -q $unc to get the du output into a variable.

By the way, you print $stuff but set formatted content into $formated. Is this intended?

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