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I have to use a SVN Repo on my server. I checked the trunk once out and saved all changes to a local git repo, using branches etc.

What is the best way to get all the commits from my local git to the svn Server? export it and import it in a git-svn clone?

what i have: SVN Repo (rev: 1400) GIT-SVN (rev: 1400) local git (rev: 1700)

the branches in my git are simple, something like this:

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i exported all commits with "git format-patch" for every branch and applied them to the "git svn" checkout with "git am" then i used dcommit, thanks for the answers –  Absurd-Mind Feb 23 '11 at 9:17

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git svn dcommit should do the trick

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You should have started with

git svn clone URL/project

And than you have a git repos where you can commit changes etc. If you think you're ready just do a

git svn dcommit
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I think you work must looks like (from the beginning)

mkdir {proj_name}
cd {proj_name}
git svn init -s https://example.com/svn/{proj_name}
git svn fetch
(many times)
   #make changes
   git commit
(many times)
git svn dcommit
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