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hello is it possible to merge / combine / pack two .exe files

example :

1.exe + 2.exe = 3.exe

and how to run one of them, then another, like : start 3.exe:2.exe...


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What do you want to do? Run simultaneously (start 1st then 2nd) or in sequence? – Benoit Feb 18 '11 at 12:27
yes i want to run them simultaneously, but if is possible id like to run the second exe using first exe. – John Feb 18 '11 at 12:35
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Yes, you can, by cmd command:

  • Type notepad text1.txt: this creates a new notepad file and you can type anything inside, save it then close.
  • Type notepad text1.txt:hidden.txt: you can type anything and save it. This means hidden.txt become inside text1.txt but you can not see it. Why? Long story :) These are about NTFS issues.

Also you can do it for .exe files.

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Is there any reason to not having a batch script? There are utilities to convert the .bat file to either .com or .exe if this is required for "obfuscating" the .bat.

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You can use an Installer (e.g. from WISE and many others) to do that.

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