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I am trying to remove a folder from source control. I want to leave the local folder alone and just have it no longer be associated with a repository.

According to other answered questions, SVN EXPORT is the way to remove a folder from source control. And so I enter SVN EXPORT PATH1 PATH2 and omit PATH2:

prompt>svn export /var/www
Export complete.

However when I run
prompt>svn info /var/www

It gives me all the same info
Path: /var/www URL: https://someurl/somefolder
Repository Root: https://...... etc.

I am looking it for it to say:
"var/www is not a working folder" or
"var/www is not under source control"

And so I have issued the Export command but it still appears to be under source control.

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You just need to delete the subversion metadata. This will be a hidden folder called .svn in your folder and in each subfolder - delete these and they'll no longer be a working copy.

Just svn export won't work because it will overwrite the existing files in place but not delete the .svn folders which still exist on disk. You could also simply delete the folder then re-export in place.

To be clear: this solution removes the association with the repository for that folder in your working copy but will not remove the files from the repository itself (which is how I read what you're asking). If you want to actually delete the files from the repository then you want svn rm, Eugene's answer.

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It seems that you want svn del --keep-local.

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When I enter<br/>svn del --keep-local<br/> it returns<br />svn: Not enough arguments provided<br /><br />When I enter svn del /var/www --keep-local<br />it returns<br/>svn: '/var' is not a working copy – eeejay Feb 18 '11 at 12:27
@Eric this is the way I would go about it too. You should have to do svn del [path] --keep-local, then commit the change. If you deleted your .svn, as suggested above, you'll have lost the metadata SVN needs to accomplish this. – AlG Feb 18 '11 at 12:32

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