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I am a newbie to cakephp and recently i am given a task to implement memcache into the current features of my app as a part of Optimization. I implemented it and its working fine but now I want to update my memcache key,value pair through a cron. So I made one function :

function mcache($client_id,$keyword_id,$function)

I want to call this function thru cron scheduler and in the $function parameter I want to give a pass a string which I have defined in my file. Its structure is like dis:

define ("HEAT_MAP","getHeatmapData");
define ("AGE_DEMOGRAPHICS","getAgeDemographicsData");
define ("GENDER_DEMOGRAPHICS","getGenderDemographicsData");

Here I want to pass "HEAT_MAP" to my function mcache as a parameter in $function and I want to read the corresponding value so that it can call the function getHeatmapData.

When I am doing it like this its giving me "HEAT_MAP" not getHeatMapData. I know its bit confusing but if u want some info plz lemme know. Any Ideas???

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to read the value of a constant use the constant() function

define("FOO", "BAR");
$z = "FOO";
echo constant($z); // "BAR"
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As documentation explains, you should define constants in app/core/bootstrap.php


// In app/core/bootstrap.php
define('YOURCONSTANT', 'Some value here');
// In view
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Might be worth mentioning is_defined – xzyfer Feb 18 '11 at 13:51
Thnx a lot bro.. Its working!!! – Warlock Feb 21 '11 at 6:40

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