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I am having trouble accessing the external USB camera instead of the built-in iSight when using OpenCV with a MacBook Pro under Mac OSX.

When passing an argument to the cvCaptureFromCAM(index) function other than 0 or -1 I will always get a
Warning: Max Camera Num is 0; Using camera 0

The camera is a Sony PS3 EYE working perfectly with the macam driver and quicktime component.
Yet I am unable to access it using OpenCV which will always default to the built-in iSight (even when trying to "occupy" the iSight with a different program).

Any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance, your help is very much appreciated!

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I was just messing with the same problem, macam drivers are 32 bit, if your opencv install is compiled as 64 bit it won't work. I end up installing opencv twice 64 bit with mac ports and 32 bit with howebrew whenever I am using ps3eye I switch to 32 bit version.

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