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I want to create new SPWebs with a Custom Template.

$web = New-SPWeb $Url

My problem is now that the creation from one SPWeb with the Custom Template takes about 40 s on my VM. Is there a other and faster way to create SPWebs with a Custom Template?

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Why not use -template parameter. For example,

New-SPWeb -url $url -template "{GUID}#MyCustomTemplate"

I did not have a custom template to use but this took 2 seconds on my system.

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Because I´m using a custom template and and the -template parameter doesn´t work with it. When I´m using "New-SPWeb $Url -template "TemplateName"" it fired a exception because the template is not found. –  LaPhi Feb 18 '11 at 15:09

@LaPhi, you'll get an exception when your custom WebTemplate is not yet activated on your Site (Collection).

I, too, cannot get "New-SPWeb $Url -template "TemplateName" to provision with the Template. You'll likely need to wait until the site is provisioned.

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My Solution: First create the new Web:

$web = New-SPWeb $UrlFull

After this, apply the Web template


The reason is, that the Custom Template is not global.

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You have to use this syntax

New-SPWeb -url $url -template "MyCustomTemplateName#0"

You can find these values in Configuration tag of your webtemp_*.xml

<Configuration ID="0" Title="MyCustomTemplateName" ...
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