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Does anyone know if silverlight plugs into chrome, or when they plan to support it?

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This guy have had partial success with silverlight in chrome, but it does not seem to be supported:

From The Microsoft Silverlight Team in the silverlight forum:

Hello, currently we don't have plans to support Chrome. We will support it in the future if it gains enough market share. Please understand, each browser implements the plug-in model differently, so it'll be a lot of effort to officially support a browser 100%... By the way, IE 8 also runs each tab in its own process. If a tab crashes, other tabs will still work fine.


Jon Galloway has just posted instructions on how to get silverlight successfully running on Chrome here:

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The official word on what is supported looks like this:

alt text

The reality is that we do run on a lot of browsers, but things change might quickly in these here parts.

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For what it is worth, the Dev Branch of Google Chrome was recently updated to support Silverlight 2. I tried it and it works for me. Of course, you have to use the Dev release of Google Chrome. You can get more information about switching to Chrome Dev here.

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Silverlight already works with web-kit, and since Google's Chrome is based on web-kit, it shouldn't be too much effort to get it working.

Indeed, this gentleman seems to have had some success.

Based on this, I would suspect that Silverlight will be fully supported by Chrome by the time it goes gold.

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