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I was wondering if it's possible to create a generic push notification solution for mobile devices (or at least Android and iPhone) with Appcelerator. I found some examples on how to implement iPhone Push with Appcelerator but nothing generic.

Any ideas? Or are there maybe other cross-plattform development sdk to solve this?

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As far as I know, you can use the push notification service with iOS only. See the documentation here.

Then, for the iOS, the simpliest way to send/receive notifications, is to subscribe for free for the UrbanAirship service. You can find a nice tutorial here.

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I only know of push notifications working in IOS (for iPhone) too. However, I understand that Cocoafish are soon working on push notification for Android. Backends like this and UA are about as generic as you can get.

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Using Appcelerator Cloud Service(ACS) you can implement the Push Notification.

It is the simplest and reliable one. Follow below tutorial for ACS Push Notification implementation on Android and iOS

Android : http://www.titaniumtutorial.com/2012/06/appcelerator-cloud-push-notification-in.html

iOS : http://blog.teemusk.com/2012/05/building-server-push-notifications-with-appcelerator-titanium-cloud/comment-page-1

Hope it helps someone

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