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i am trying to programming an interface for Walther Mfs100 Check scanner but after the scan i get "CallbackOnCollectedDelegate was detected" error. How can i fix this. I use .net 2.0 with c#

        public static extern int mfScanFeeder(int mode, int font, int timeout);

 retval = modMFS100.mfScanFeeder(0, 2,5000);
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It isn't this particular API call that's the source of the problem. The API is too obscure and too poorly documented to give a straight answer, but look for an initialization style function that let's you set a callback. That callback is the cause of the exception. You must create a delegate object and store it in a field of your class. That way the garbage collector sees a reference to it and won't garbage collect it.

Thus, instead of:

void SetupScanner() {
    mfInitialize(something, myCallback);

Do it like this:

SomeDelegateType callback;

void SetupScanner() {
    callback = new SomeDelegateType(myCallback);
    mfInitialize(something, callback);

Contact the vendor for support if this doesn't help.

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Here is some info about this error:

You can try to use static variable for your delegate, this will prevent the delegate from being garbage collected.

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You, sir, are awesome! @rotman deserves a medal! static did it for me for the same problem. – DomenicDatti Sep 25 '13 at 4:11

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