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In my qt application I want to save some application output data to an file in my usb pen drive. I need to put following features in my qt application

  1. Detect the usb drive insertion
  2. I have only one usb slot.
  3. After i insert it I want to know its drive number and letter and transfer a file at specific location in my PC to that usb drive.

Can anybody tell me which winapi .lib , .h and .dll file i hav to use to get all the above functionalities ?

If someone can provide some code snippets, it will very much helpful for me.

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Handle WM_DEVICECHANGE - See http://lists.trolltech.com/qt-interest/2001-08/thread00698-0.html for how to handle windows messages in QT.

If wParam is DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL then cast lParam to a DEV_BROADCAST_HDR *

If the structures dbch_devicetype is DBT_DEVTYP_VOLUME cast lParam again, this time to a DEV_BROADCAST_VOLUME *

Now check the dbcv_unitmask bit field, iterate over bits 0..31 and check if the corresponding drive match your USB drive.

if (wParam == DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL) {
  if (((DEV_BROADCAST_HDR *) lParam)->dbch_devicetype == DBT_DEVTYP_VOLUME) {
    DWORD Mask = ((DEV_BROADCAST_VOLUME *) lParam)->dbcv_unitmask;
    for (int i = 0; i < 32; ++i) {
      if (Mask & (1 << i)) {
        char RootPath[4] = "A:\\";
        RootPath[0] += i;
        // Check if the root path in RootPath is your USB drive.
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That'll create an event when the drive is inserted and also give drive letter. Detecting "drive number" (maybe USB serial number) is a lot more complicated, perhaps the volume label or filesystem serial number could be used instead. –  Ben Voigt Feb 18 '11 at 18:05
Is there any function like GetSystemPowerStatus(&status); so that I can poll the status? and could you please let me know the header file and .lib file name I have to include to use this? –  Surjya Narayana Padhi Feb 21 '11 at 11:42
The link is dead. Can you update it? –  David McDavidson May 13 at 15:13

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