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Started a new company as contractor. They use perl and unfortunately they have a lot of old developers who are stuck in there ways. Some things are not good like no comments in code and they love writing unreadable code with old idioms. They also avoid a lot cpan modules and write their own instead. The most anoying thing is also like to change my code in code reviews to their way of doing things.

Never ran into this before when doing a place that likes perl. They usually want to modernize it. Being a contractor what is the best way to approach this issue

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Introduce Perl::Critic to them –  Alexandr Ciornii Feb 18 '11 at 18:12

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It's very hard to teach old dogs new tricks, especially in the technology sector. My suggestion would be to make them think they're suggesting it by suggesting a meeting, possibly bringing in your/their boss, to discuss these things. Explain the reasons why these changes are important and what problems they are causing. If management is in there, they will understand and at the very least, you can set a good example. ;)

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