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This is super simple and I'm completely baffled by this behavior. I want my search results to display in a nice grid of blocks of 2 in a row. But instead it shows up crooked where the div with more text pushes others down with it's content. How can I fix this?

Here's a simplified example that shows the problem in FF and Chrome:

        border: thin solid;
        width: 250px;
        display: inline-block;  
    <div style='width:508px'>
        <div class='search_result'> 
            Meerkats demonstrate altruistic behavior within their colonies; one or more meerkats stand sentry while others are foraging or playing, to warn them of approaching dangers ...
        <div class='search_result'>
            one or more meerkats stand sentry
        <div class='search_result'>
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On .search_result, add vertical-align: top.

Live Demo

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Awesome! thank you! –  Bijou Trouvaille Feb 18 '11 at 16:09

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