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Hi I want call f('append','more','arguments',a=1,b=2)

but append is a method(function) of pyquery module

so arg[0] is my method

I want make

    e.arg[0]('<div id="cool"></div>') run like e.append('<div id="cool"></div>')

-- so I want pass "append" as argument

    import pyquery
    d = pq('<div id="guido"></div>')
    d.append('<div id="cool"></div>')

    def f (*arg,**kargs):
        e = pq('<div id="guido"></div>')
        e.arg[0]('<div id="cool"></div>') # <== HERE
        return str(e)


so f('append','more','arguments',a=1,b=2) must return

    '<div id="guido"><div id="cool"/></div>'
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Your question is not clear. Can you rephrase and add more context? –  Joe Holloway Feb 18 '11 at 16:55
Could you rephrase your question to slow clearly: (1) What pyquery does, (2) how you're trying to use it, and (3) why you're trying to use it that way? –  Karmastan Feb 18 '11 at 17:09
There is nothing about pyquery. It is about pass argument and use this argument as a method of a module. So d.append('<div id="cool"></div>') works fine ok, but now I want pass 'append' to a function f() like f('append') ok, My function f() instance a module like e = pq('<div id="guido"></div>') and now I want use arg[0] {could be (append, after, before, appendTo, clone..)} in e.arg[0]('...') like e.append('...'), so I want e.arg[0]('..') run like e.append('...') –  macm Feb 18 '11 at 17:22

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I would recommend against passing method names around in strings if you can avoid it (pass a reference to the method itself instead), but if you can't, what you want is getattr(), a function that gets an attribute of an object by a name contained in a string. This will let you get a reference to the desired method, and then you can call it as usual.

def f (*arg, **kargs):
    e = pq('<div id="guido"></div>')
    getattr(e, arg[0])('<div id="cool"></div>')
    return str(e)
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yes, thanks. works fine. Sorry I cant vote, every question I make I loose points. :( –  macm Feb 18 '11 at 17:32
You should still be able to accept an answer. –  kindall Feb 18 '11 at 19:11

pass d.append as the first argument. Functions are first class objects!

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