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I'm creating an application that lets users take photo's and make movies and store these on to the device. Later on the users can take a look at the media items they created in a custom gallery within the app.

My question is: where will I store all this media. I'm seeing 3 options here:

  • Store the media in the camera roll, but I can't find a way to keep a reference to the items in the camera roll
  • Store the media item in the application database (as NSData objects), but I think this isn't really great performance-wise
  • Store (copies of) the media in the local application file system, using NSFileManager. But I'm wondering if there are any size limits on the files an app can store locally. Another disadvantage of this approach is that some files will be duplicated (in the camera roll and the local app file system)

So, what do you guys think. Wat's the best option?

Btw, if possible I'd like to keep the deployment target to 3.1+

thanks for the help, Thomas

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