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I have two different matrices (same x and y axis) which a plot as contour plots contour (x,y,z). I would like to figure out how to stack both matrix into a single plot in R.

I've been trying to use the as.layer function but it doesn't work

heteroplot <- contour(a[,1],t(a[,1]),nlevels=7,heterocov^2,col="green",xlab="ppm",ylab="ppm",bty="n")

homocov <- contour(a[,1],t(a[,1]),nlevels=7,cova^2,col="red",xlab="ppm",ylab="ppm",bty="n")

as.layer(homocov,x.same = TRUE, y.same = TRUE)


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You can do this, if I've understood correctly, using the add argument to contour(). For example:

x <- -6:16
y <- x
z1 <- outer(x, sqrt(abs(x)), FUN = "/")
z2 <- outer(x, abs(x), FUN = "/")
contour(x, x, z1)
contour(x, x, z2, add = TRUE, col = "red") ## overlay second contour

which gives:

overlaid contours

Not sure where the as.layer function comes from...?

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Hi, It worked just fine, thanks a lot!!! the as.layer comes function comes from latticeExtra package. –  Marcelo Feb 19 '11 at 15:54
I suspected as much, @Marcelo - you can't (easily) mix base graphics (such as contour()) with grid graphics used by Lattice and ggplot2. If the answer solves your Q, do you want to accept it (hit the big tick) so others with a similar problem know it was resolved? –  Gavin Simpson Feb 19 '11 at 20:20
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