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Has anyone been successful with getting Selenium to issue a mouse click on an element which is not associated with input, i.e. plain text? I have tried using click() and click_at() methods, as well as fire_event(locator, event), where 'event' is 'onclick', or by using combination of 'onmousedown' and 'onmouseup' events. I have also tried preceding these events with an 'onmouseover' event. In my app, clicking on this 'plain text' triggers a call to a flash.swf routine. Thanks.

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Can you post a part of html on which you are trying clicking? –  Sergii Pozharov Feb 19 '11 at 14:10

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Have you tried adapting a Mouse Listener? In case you are extending Selenium using Java, here is a quick tutorial.

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This will not work in this case - Mouse Listeners are for AWT/Swing applications –  Sergii Pozharov Feb 19 '11 at 14:11

Have you tried fire_event(locator, 'click') instead of 'onclick'?

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Have you tried tweaking fire event? As you are mentioning it as plain text locator of this should be like //p[contains(text(),'yourtext')] something like this. Try it once.

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