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I have a function preload.

I want to make it so that the image on my page does nothing when you click on it UNTIL the preloading has completed.

  1. page loads
  2. preloading begins - clicking on the main image does nothing
  3. preloading completes - clicking on the main image will now call the intended function

How can this be realized?


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I could do this with a simple variable, but I just assumed there is a nicer way to do it with jQuery :) –  asdf Feb 18 '11 at 18:23

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Use the .load() event handler

$('#myImage').load(function() {
  // Handler for .load() called.
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This is what i was looking for, thanks –  asdf Feb 18 '11 at 18:38

You can simply add the click event listener once the preloading is complete.

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write your logic in the call back function , so that it will wait it it completes

  alert("The paragraph is now hidden"); // write your code here

This should do for images

    function() {
        // weave your magic here.
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When page loads:

var image = $('mainImage');
//this is your function binded to that image
image.bind('click', function() {
    //do stuff only when loaded is set to true    
    if ($(this).data('loaded') === true) {
        /your stuff
image.data('loaded', false);

Another way - in HTML set add class not-loaded to your image. And on load handler remove that class. And then your main image click handler must check, if class is set - if not, you can do your stuff.

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The question has already been answered, but in situations where $('img.someimage').load() doesn't apply, here's a more general approach. This lets you assign the click handler, but the logic therein will only work when a variable representing state is set to true:

var loader = {
  isLoaded : false, // state
  clickHandler : function(){
    if( !loader.isLoaded ) return false;
  setLoaded : function( which ){ // utility function to turn handler on/off
    loader.isLoaded = !!which;   

Then you'd have:

$('.your_element').click( loader.clickHandler );

Whatever the indicator is that represents readiness, you'd have it run:

loader.setLoaded(true); // turn handler on
loader.setLoaded( !loader.isLoaded ); // toggle handler on/off
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