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I would like to build a social network (or portal) that is made out of a network of small social networks each specific to an area. Kinda like a Network for local social networks for YMCA centers if you may.

Each small social network will have it's own Forum (discussion page), profile page, and userbase.

Now I could just use Drupal to build each Social Network separately (using a solution like DrupalGardens) but then I would have to hook up the different databases for each web application. And I'm not sure if the redundancy is practical/feasible.

The reason I would have to hook up the smaller Social Networks together is to create a unified signup/logon functionality, plus to make all the content indexable/searchable.

I was wondering since I'm a .NET developer if there was some Open Source solution in .NET that provides the functionality I need. Otherwise what Open Source solution in any language/platform could assist me in this? (Multi-lingual support would be a definite plus)

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Have you looked at ning.com ? –  Michael Levy Feb 18 '11 at 18:25
Will definitely look into it. But I was under the impression it wasn't open source? –  abruptexception Feb 19 '11 at 10:56
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