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My ultimate goal here is to save Action modelforms for a given website (the foreign key). After form validation, I then want to sum the points for all the individual Actions and confirm that it's below a certain threshold (100 points) before I save the Actions. If the total exceeds 100, I'll raise a ValidationError.

My issue here is that I'm receiving the following error message:

"'ActionFormFormSet' object is not iterable"

The instances exist, so the issue seems to be iterating over this particular object. In the official documentation, there's an example that iterates over a modelformset in this exact fashion. However, the modelformset is populated by a queryset, whereas the inlineformset is not explicitly populated in the same way(maybe implicitly, I don't know).

Can I just not iterate over this object? What should I do here?


 ActionFormSet=inlineformset_factory(Website, Action, extra=1, can_delete=True)
 if request.method=='POST':
     action_formset=ActionFormSet(request.POST, instance=website,prefix="actions")
     if action_formset.is_valid():

        #After validating the surveys, I need to make sure total points<100
        for form in action_formset:
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First save the formset then iterate over the objects

forms = commit = False)

now iterate over the forms by:

for form in forms:
    # do something
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You might be using an older version of django. The formsets are only iterable in 1.3+ I believe. This might work:

for form in action_formset.forms:
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