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I spent 1 hour on solving a bug: i was releasing an object that I didn't have ownership (ie I didn't send it copy, alloc, new). The analyzer (Cmd-Shif-A) didn't detect that error while it can detect an object that hasn't been released.

I think it's not normal, is it a bug or a "missing functionality"?

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Static analysis is not magic; there are many limitations and the analyser that Xcode uses is a work in progress. It is there only as an aid, it can't totally debug your application for you.

If you think you have come across a case where you think the analyser could have found the problem, then report a bug.

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What Jim said; please, please, please report a bug and, if at all possible, provide a source example. The analyzer team is very responsive to such things!! –  bbum Feb 19 '11 at 1:23

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