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I'm getting some confusing results around myCustom.ashx handler.

If i visit the handler via the browser:

Token.Instance.User.UserId = 162 // which is correct

If i post to the handler:

Token.Instance.User.UserId = 163 // a new user is generated.

It's seems like when i post it creates a new session.

extra info:

public class myCustom: IHttpHandler, IReadOnlySessionState

<sessionState mode="InProc" timeout="30" cookieName="xxx"/>
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Are you using a tool to do the post? Does it have a different UserAgent string? That could be why you're getting a different session/userId than in the browser.

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hmm interesing point. I am posting from flash. let me see what happens when i post from the same browser –  frosty Feb 2 '09 at 20:01

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