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I have a branch checkout that is clean (no modifications) but I cannot reintegrate the trunk back into my branch, because svn thinks I have a mixed-revision working copy:

c:\myproject> svnversion

The problem seems to be caused by one of my externals:

c:\myproject> svn propget svn:externals tools
-r1448 ^/tools/external/trunk/gandalf/bin gandalf/bin
-r1508 ^/tools/external/trunk/gandalf/include gandalf/include
-r1508 ^/tools/external/trunk/gandalf/lib gandalf/lib
-r1428 ^/tools/external/trunk/jsdb jsdb
-r2045 ^/tools/external/trunk/java/lib/jing.jar jing.jar

You will note that all of them are directory externals rather than single-file externals, except for jing.jar, which is the same version as what "svnversion" thinks is the lowest range of my working copy, which is supposed to be a clean checkout of r2047.

How do I fix this? (besides not using the single-file external)

I've tried doing updates, fresh checkouts, and svn cleanup, and it still has this problem. I'm using TortoiseSVN 1.6.12

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Looks like you're not the only one with this problem.

The fix is to use the equivalent of svn update --ignore-externals

See here: svn reintegrate a branch with externals fails

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