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I am using the above mentioned primefaces components. Whenever using these 2 as the PrimeFaces' showcase: PrimeFaces BreadCrumb Showcase It is aesthetically appealing: NonDynamicBreadCrumb However, I need to manage this Breadcrumb dynamically henceforth, I need to bind it to a backing bean. Doing so, changes completely the appereance of .xhtml as following:


Relative code snippets are shown in the following

<p:breadCrumb binding="#{warehouse.breadCrumbItem}"  >
                 url="index.xhtml" /-->

Backing bean:

public BreadCrumb getBreadCrumbItem()

        if (mainTable == null)
                "#{i18n['xxx']}", "index.xhtml");
            createBreadCrumbFileHeader("Warehouse", "warehouse.xhtml");

        return theBreadCrumb;

private void createBreadCrumbFileHeader(
        String menuItemName,
        String menuItemUrl)
        if (theBreadCrumb == null)
            theBreadCrumb = new BreadCrumb();

        MenuItem aMenuItem = new MenuItem();
        aMenuItem.setValueExpression("value", ELUtil.getValueExpression(menuItemName));
        aMenuItem.setValueExpression("url", ELUtil.getValueExpression(menuItemUrl));

QUESTION: Am I missing something on my backing bean to have the style as the PrimeFaces showcase is doing so? Thanks

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My only solution so far is managing these p:menuitem 's with their rendered property, however this isn't exactly the dynamic management I want to have over them.. Still needing any input. Thanks –  camiloqp Feb 21 '11 at 16:43

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