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I have a <form> like this all the times.

.. raw:: html

    <form action="txmt://open/?url=file:///Users/smcho/smcho/works/prgtask/ni/gtest_boost_options/readme.txt">
    <button type="submit">Edit</button>

Is there any macro or equivalent in reStructuredText so that I can get the same result, for example?

.. form :: /Users/smcho/smcho/works/prgtask/ni/gtest_boost_options/readme.txt
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You could implement your own "form" directive in python. For instructions on how to do that, see http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/howto/rst-directives.html

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You can use any template engine to generate your restructured text, and that gives you macros, loops, and much more. It will require some effort at the beginning, but it should not be terribly hard.

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