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I'm doing some automation via a combination of windows message sending directly to HWNDs and calls to a COM server exposed by the automated application.

If there is more than one instance running, I need to be able to determine the process ID of the COM server so I can hit the same instance with the COM call as the one I'm sending windows messages to.

I can enumerate all the running COM servers with the running object table and get back monikers for all of them, but the COM objects themselves expose no methods I can use to get a window handle, thread ID, process ID, or anything of that sort.

Is there any way to figure out, based on a moniker or the actual binding COM object of the moniker, what the process ID of the COM server is?


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No, making this info undiscoverable is very much by design. You need help from the server. –  Hans Passant Feb 18 '11 at 21:09

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If you control (write code for) both the server and the client you can add a method to your COM interface that would return the process / thread ID or anything of this nature (e.g. server hostname if it is remote) on the server end. I second @Hans - unless you have access to the server implementation you may be out of luck by design.

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