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Trying to hit two elements with one load() and not successful in what I am trying. This is what I have now to refresh a section on the page and it works fine.


I tried this

$('#refreshme_'+request, .xPlanner).load("http://www.example.com/add_list/");

and that did not work at all. Want to make my code efficient and need to refresh 2 DOMs with one call. Any ideas?

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var request = "foo";
$("#refreshme_" + request + ", .xPlanner").load("http://www.example.com/add_list/");


<div id="#refreshme_foo">Lorem</div>
<div class="xPlanner">Ipsum</div>

works. Was this what you where trying to do?

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I wonder if you can't use something like:

$.get("http://www.example.com/add_list/", function(data) {
    // same for second
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You're going to want to use .get instead:

    $.get("http://www.example.com/add_list/", function(data) {

That's pseudo, but you get the idea.

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Wow that is good stuff and all the examples work! One question is there performance increase by using .get over load()?

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