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I have a extremely complicated shell script, within which it calls a C++ program I want to debug via GDB. It is extremely hard to seperate this c++ program from the shell since it has a lot of franches and a lot of environmental variables setting.

I wonder is there a way to invoke GDB on this shell script? Looks like gdb requires me to call on a C++ program directly.


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There are two options that you can do:

1) invoke GDB directly within the shell script. This would imply that you don't have standard in and standard out redirected.

2) run the shell script and then attach the debugger to the already running c++ process like so: gdb progname 1234 where 1234 is the process ID of the running c++ process.

If you need to do things before the program starts running then option 1 would be the better choice, otherwise option 2 is the cleaner way.

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Could you just temporarily add gdb to your script?

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I would probably modify the script to always call gdb (and revert this later) or add an option to call gdb. This will almost always be the easiest solution.

The next easiest would be to temporarily move your executable and replace it with a shell script that runs gdb on the moved program. For example, in the directory containing your program:

$ mv program _program
$ (echo "#!/bin/sh"; echo "exec gdb $PWD/_program") > program
$ chmod +x program
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Modify the c++ application to print its pid and sleep 30 seconds (perhaps based on environment or an argument). Attach to the running instance with gdb.

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