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I'm trying to make a blog script from scratch (PHP) and import posts from Wordpress. I need to use the exact same permalink algorithm as Wordpress because I want to keep the URLs same. (and just in case I need to go back to Wordpress)

The custom structure is /%postname%/. I noticed that special characters (such as * - /) and unicode characters are ignored, and if it's a duplicate, a number is automatically added at the end. Is that all I need to know?


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The Wordpress function you need to look at is sanitize_title_with_dashes in wp-includes/formatting.php.

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WordPress has defaults, but those defaults may change from version to version. Plus WordPress also lets you customize the permalinks, so I don't think you'll find a "universal" structure.

With that in mind though, here's an article on URL Design that might be helpful.

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Sorry. My question wasn't very clear. The custom structure is set to /%postname%/. But there are different ways to convert the post title to a url-friendly string. –  webnat0 Feb 19 '11 at 2:11

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