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I have created a Live Search that displays results in a table row. Row has onClick function that executes a process of selecting result. OnClick function works fine by mouse click but I want user can select it by up/down arrow key & Enter too. Now I want function set in onClick is called from other javascript function. Any help please......

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do you use jQuery ? if so you could venture into .keypress() – Bala R Feb 19 '11 at 2:38

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myElement.onclick = function() {
    // called when myElement is clicked

or just; // clicks the element

And use an onkeydown event to call it, and just check for characters before the click();

myField.onkeydown = function() {;
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try something like this:

      click:  function(e)
        //your code here;
      keyup: function(e)
              // and here;

it requires jQuery

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