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I am researching on various Oracle JDBC connection pooling mechanisms and as I understand Oracle offers 4 connection pooling mechanisms when OCI driver is used

  1. Oracle DataSource
  2. Oracle OCI Connection Pooling
  3. Oracle UCP (Universal connection pooling -recommended over OracleDataSource)
  4. Oracle Database Resident Connection pooling

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I wanted to know the pros and cons of using Oracle UCP (Universal Connection Pooling) as compared to Oracle OCI Connection Pooling provided by the OCI driver.

Please share your thoughts/experience on this topic.

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I will try adding some details based on the reading I have done so far.

Below are some distinct features supported by the different connection pooling mechanisms

  1. Oracle UCP (Universal Connection Pooling)

    a. Supports features like Fast Connection Failover (FCF), Runtime connection load balancing and connection affinity.

    b. JMX Support

    c. Support for labelling connections

    d. Support for connection harvesting

  2. OCI (Oracle Call Interface) Connection Pooling

    a. Support for session multiplexing.

  3. OracleDataSource

    a. Implicit connection cache.

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