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I want to draw a line for a "Total" column in Crystal Reports. Something like this:

Total    123.00        
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Do you mean in dynamically in code or in statically in the IDE (crw32.exe)? –  craig Feb 19 '11 at 15:27

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I would suggest the following in the IDE:

  1. right-click the field and select Format Field...
  2. select the Border tab
  3. Set the Top and Bottom properties to 'Double'
  4. Exit and save changes as you go
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Go to Insert->Line and draw the horizontal line where you want it. If you really want a double dashed line, then just draw 2 single dashed lines.

(Picture is from Crystal Reports XI)


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Right click anywhere in your crystal report, then select insert, then select line so you can draw lines or even tables.

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