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My Linux (Gentoo 64 bit, ext3 filesystem) box broke when moved to a new office. Found no way of getting it up again, mb or cpu seems to be broken. So I put the SATA drive in my new Windows 7 64 bit system and I could, with some help from DiskInternals, copy files from the ext3 file system to the Windows file system.

But I miss my Gentoo system and can not afford to build up a new one. I have some basic VirtualBox experience and have helped others to create image files from running Linux systems which they have successfully been able to use as VirtualBox guests. Now that I do not have a running Linux env anymore I wonder if I can access the Linux disk in some kind of raw way (read something about this on VirtualBox site but could not understand in detail how to do it)

My question is then: How do I create a VirtualBox Gentoo Guest using that old SATA drive? Any directions where I should start or if anyone can give me step by step instructions. Also if there are any risks to loose any data. I have tested VirtualBox on this new system and can run Ubuntu 64 bit fine as guest.

Forgot to mention that the host is Intel 64 bit based and the Gentoo was AMD 64 bit based.

Thanks in advance and must say that Stackoverflow is a great place for finding answers.

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Stack Overflow is a great place for finding answers to programming questions. I don't see how this question is programming-related. –  Cody Gray Feb 19 '11 at 7:27

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You could start by reading this, but I don't know if VirtualBox supports 64bit guests.

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it does support 64bit if the host does –  tekknolagi Nov 20 '11 at 5:01

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