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I have Oracle database with Date column in it and I want to retrive it from recordset using Calendar since I want to compare it with today's date which is built using Calendar. Can anyone help me on this ?


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Please tell us what "Calendar" you are using? There are lots of different calendar/scheduler/diary tools, components and applications around. –  Richard Feb 19 '11 at 9:12

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Not really sure what you meant with retrieving the date "using Calendar", but if you are using Java, and want to read a date from database and compare it with today's date, it goes like this:

java.sql.Date dbDate = resultset.getDate("dateField");
java.util.Date date = new Date(dbDate.getTime());
Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
java.util.Date today = calendar.getTime(); // "today = new Date();" would work just as well
if (date.before(today)) {
    // do something
} else if (date.after(today)) {
    // do something else
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