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You know how when you add text to a UITextView and it displays only text? Well, I also want to add images along with the text so that when I scroll, it displays the text with the images fitted along with the text.

How can I do that in BOTH the Xcode and the Interface Builder??

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It's not possible. Instead, you should use UIWebView programmatically in your code.

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There is no way to "add in" images to a UITextView. You can place UITextViews (either scrolling or non-scrolling, non-scrolling it sounds like in your case) and UIImages inside a UIScrollView and they will all scroll together, that's probably the easiest way of doing what you want to do.

In code:

UIScrollView *sv = [[UIScrollView alloc] initWithFrame:MyScrollViewFrame];
UITextView *textView = [.. create your text view ... ];
UIImageView *imageView = [... create your image view ... ];
[sv addSubview:textView];
[sv addSubview:imageView];

In interface builder:

enter image description here

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