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I have used picker view controller in my application. Now i want to change the color of the background color. So how can i change the background color of picker view and want to change the row background color also. I want to change the default layout color of picker view and Is any possible to set the custom image as background of picker view?. So please guide me.

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You cant change the color of UIPickerView.... –  iosfanboy9 Jan 28 '12 at 5:34

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I already answered a similar question. You can change the background color by completely replacing background image using IXPickerOverlayView class (available on GitHub).

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you can add a UIView to the components of the UIPickerView, but you cannot change the background color or the tint color.

  • viewForRow:forComponent is for the views.
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Finally managed to do it. I try it for a picker view with one component.

set the picker view background colour by wizard or by code as follow:

Picker1.backgroundColor = [UIColor someColor];// clearColor for transparent

Set alpha value for the picker view subviews numbered 0, 1 and 3. (Don't know why there is subview 2 thought). Do it by code after the first load data for the picker view as follow (it will throw an exception if you do this in the DidViewLoad).

[(UIView*)[[Picker1 subviews] objectAtIndex:0] setAlpha:someValue];// 0.0f for transparent
[(UIView*)[[Picker1 subviews] objectAtIndex:1] setAlpha:someValue];
[(UIView*)[[Picker1 subviews] objectAtIndex:3] setAlpha:someValue];

Don't forget to clear background color for the label you are sending to the picker view in the viewForRow method.

lbl.backgroundColor = [UIColor someColor];// could be clearColor
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I wrote an article about just this topic recently. Pretty easy to achieve what you want to do. (While the article is iOS7 focused, the technique of supplying views rather than strings for your component rows works regardless of modern iOS version.)

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