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I have a spooky case - my unlimited stream from server we created (live generated, FLV file with undeclared length) which shall be played via flash player application I created (which is as simple as can be) plays several seconds (mostly one or 2) and stops in firefox. ONLY in firefox for windows. In IE (5-9), any chrom, any safary, firefox under Linux all plays as it should. But on any FF we tried (2-4) it just somehow kills the stream. I stream to flash player via tcp which emulates http. so for example fiddler 2 does not capture it, wireshark does but it is quite hard to filter only firefox requests.

So I search for some connection monitor inside FF... like a plugin or something more native to ff. Is there something?

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Wouldn't it be enough to filter for the protocol in wireshark? ( and of course no other streaming thing should run) –  Felix Kling Feb 19 '11 at 10:41

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You could try using the Apache TCP Monitor. Would allow you to trap only your FF requests easily.

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You could try logging things from the Firefox end. You can choose to log at the HTTP level or at the socket level, for instance.

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I dont think flash TCP connections show up through firefox like this, although I might be doing something wrong. –  AaronLS Aug 27 at 20:10

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