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I want to be able to place a point in an image using the point selection tool, then read the x and y coordinates to variable in a macro.

I've tried getSelectionCoordinates but that isn't working. I don't want to display the coordinates in a log or results window.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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getSelectionCoordinates works fine for me, e.g.:

s = selectionType();

if( s == -1 ) {
    exit("There was no selection.");
} else if( s != 10 ) {
    exit("The selection wasn't a point selection.");
} else {
    x = xPoints[0];
    y = yPoints[0];
    showMessage("Got coordinates ("+x+","+y+")");

(A common misunderstanding is that getSelectionCoordinates doesn't return a value conventionally - you have to give it the names of variables that it'll set.)

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